December 2020


Dec 18 2020

“Vaccines Are Coming!”

On December 8, Health Canada approved the first vaccine for COVID-19. Canada is the third country to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, after the U.K. and Bahrain. “It has been a difficult year, and we are not out of this crisis yet,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “...


First cultured meat patty, produced in 2013.
Dec 11 2020

Mock Meat Makes Debut in Singapore

Lab-grown meat was approved for sale for the first time this month. Singapore gave its thumbs up to the chicken nuggets produced by Eat Just Inc. The cultured nuggets may look and taste like chicken, but this meat never had wings or feet or feathers. It doesn’t come...


View of Saqqara necropolis, including Djoser's step pyramid (centre), the Pyramid of Unas (left), and the Pyramid of Userkaf (right). (Photo via Wikipedia.)
Dec 04 2020

Digging Up the Past

It’s been an exciting and productive autumn for a team of Egyptian archaeologists. On November 14, Mostafa Waziri, the general director of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, unveiled 100 coffins the team found last month. The archaeologists discovered 59 more in...