November 2020


This illustration made available by SpaceX depicts the company's Crew Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket during the uncrewed In-Flight Abort Test for NASA's Commercial Crew Program.
Nov 27 2020

Space Taxi

NASA astronauts don’t need to hitch a ride to the International Space Station anymore. SpaceX will give them a lift. NASA discontinued its space shuttles a decade ago, and started looking for private companies to transport crews and cargo. To bridge the gap, the U.S....


Nov 20 2020

Mapping a New Coral Reef

In October 2020, a team of Australian scientists stumbled across a mountain no one had ever seen before. This mountain—a living coral reef—lay hidden under the ocean’s surface, just 100 kilometres from northern Australia.


President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are joined by family members after Mr. Biden delivered his victory address in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 7, 2020.
Nov 13 2020

A New U.S. President

The United States went to the polls November 3. Four days later, the results were clear. Joe Biden will be the country’s next president. The president-elect brings plenty of experience to the job. He served as a senator for 36 years and vice president to Barack Obama...


Nov 06 2020

A Name Change for Asbestos

Asbestos, Quebec is changing its name. Why? Because it’s named after a mineral that kills 100,000 people a year. That’s not a terrific selling point for a town that’s trying to attract business. “We are losing great business opportunities just because of our name,”...